Packing Boxes - Carton Boxes and Cardboard Boxes

Looking for storage boxes to help you out over the course of your next move? Look no further than Adelaide Hills Storage. We’re the leading personal and business storage solution that is making it easy for more individuals and businesses to find the storage spaces they can rely on.

Part of our offering is our selection of boxes (including carton boxes and cardboard boxes), packing materials and packing tapes, everything you could need to get belongings, documents and more from point A to point B.

Cardboard Packing Cartons and Boxes

Whether you’re looking for boxes that will make it a breeze to port your wardrobe, a packing solution to protect paintings and large picture frames, or a way to safely transport your wine cellar, you can find the option that works for you here with Adelaide Hills Storage.

Have a look through our catalogue below to get an idea for what we have on offer. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us today to find out more about how we can help you!

Standard / Tea Chest Carton

Packing Boxes

This quality twin cushion carton is a versitile box for packing most household items including bulky breakables and small appliances.

Their quality, strength and ability to be stacked makes them suitable for storage as well as local, interstate or international moves.

The Standard Carton measures 43cm x 40cm x 60cm high.



Crystal carton

This quality twin cushion carton is ideal for packing small heavy items like books and precious or fragile items such as crystal, crockery and glassware.  The size of this box makes them easy to carry and it keeps the weight manageable.

Their quality, strength and ability to be stacked also makes them suitable for storage as well as local, interstate or international moves.

The Crystal Carton measures 40cm x 30cm x 33cm high.



Storage Box

Picture / Mirror Box

Mirror Storage Carton

Ideal for small and medium sized pictures, mirrors, paintings or glass table tops.

This durable single layer cardboard box has clear fragile labeling and is  104cm wide x 77.5cm high and is 7.5cm deep.

Packing Tip :
For ultimate protection, wrap items in  bubble-wrap or other protective packaging prior to placing in the picture/mirror box and use crushed paper to prevent movement.




Packing your wardrobe could not be easier than with sturdy twin cushion cardboard Port-a-robes, simply hang clothes directly onto the steel rail (included).

Port-a-robes are also great as a temporary wardrobe and for packing large bulky items.

Port-a-robes measure 59cm x 48cm by 110cm high.



Port A Robe

Ezy Carry Box

Ezy Carry Box

A great sized universal box, made all the more useful by having cut out carry handles.

The Ezy Carry Box measures 38cm x 57cm x 33cm high.



Large Cube Box

A big strong multipurpose box that is ideal for large bulky items such as electrical goods and large delicate items like lampshades.

The Large Cube Box measures 62cm x 62cm x 40cm high.



Large Cube Box

Kitchen Divided Box

Kitchen Packing Box

Efficiently pack kitchen crockery and glassware in one box. For the best protection, wrap individual items in paper, bubble or foam.

These boxes are also great for storing Christmas decorations.

Divided Box measures 60cm x 30cm x 30cm.



Telescopic Picture Box

This durable telescopic 2 piece box with it’s inner and outer box construction makes it flexible to pack medium to large pictures easily and will pack items up to 1.5m in length.

Packing Tip :
For ultimate protection, wrap items in  bubble-wrap or other protective packaging prior to placing in the picture/mirror box and use crushed paper to prevent movement.



Packing Boxes

Flatpack / Trunk Box

Flatpack Trunk Box

This large, flat strong twin cushion box is ideal for fragile things that should be packed horizontally in a box. Also used for clothing as a lay flat wardrobe.

The Flatpack Truck Box measures 95cm x 47cm x 26cm high.



Wine Carton

This strong single layer cardboard ‘lay flat’ wine box comes with two moulded inserts to hold up to 12 bottles of wine. With clear ‘fragile’ and ‘this way up’ markings on the carton relocating wine couldn’t be easier.

These small flat cartons are also helpful for packing smaller fragile items such and DVD players and gaming equipment.

The Wine Carton measures 50cm x 33cm x 17cm high.



Wine Storage Box

Insulated Wine Carton

Wine Storage Box

For the ultimate in wine storage or relocation you can’t go past our Insulated Wine Cartons.  Die cut polystyrene alleviates bottles coming into contact with each other and along with base and top pads it all fits snugly into it’s box.

The insulation properties of the polystyrene will also help wine keep at an even temperature during transit and storage.

The Insulated Wine Carton measures 40cm x 29.5cm x 42.5cm high.



Self Lidded Archive Box

A strong all purpose storage and archive box. Fast assembly with no tape required. Double thickness base with built in carry handles and hinged lid. Designed for reliable stacking and easy handling.

Perfect for holding manilla folders, paperwork, account books, photos, DVD’s or other archival materials.

The Archive Box measures 39cm x 30cm x 26cm high



Self Lidded Archive Box

Priority / Safe Spot Carton

Safe Spot

Brightly coloured for easy identification the priority carton if for packing those essential items that are needed first in the new location. If you need to put something in a ‘Safe Spot’, then this is your box!

The Priority Carton measures 40cm x 30cm x 43cm high.