Self Storage Units

Our internal self storage units offer a quality, stable temperature environment to store your furniture, household effects and personal items.  Whether you are between homes, downsizing, renovating, decluttering, preparing your home for sale or reclaiming your spare room now the kids have moved out, we are sure to have the perfect unit for you. Offering some of the lowest storage units prices in Adelaide, it’s easy to see why homeowners and professionals in Adelaide Hills choose us for both large and small storage units.

These individual lock-up units are located inside large insulated containers to eliminate the risk of moisture or heat damage to your valuable assets.  That teamed up with the watchful eye of 24hr CCTV and monitored alarm security provides the ultimate peace of mind for you, the storer.  You lock your unit and you keep the key so only you can access your space and with our flexible 7 day access hours you can safely and conveniently come and go as required.  You will also avoid searing heat or dismal rain as our loading areas into these units are all concrete based and undercover.


Unit Capacity
 Recommended for
Small Items or Boxes Only
1.75m x 1.25m x 3.0m high
1 Room or De-cluttering
2.40m x 1.25m x 3.0m high
1 – 2 Rooms or De-cluttering
2.80m x 1.80m x 3.0m high
2 – 3 Rooms or 1 – 2 Bedroom Unit
3.80m x 1.80m x 3.0m high
3 Rooms or 1 – 2 Bedroom Unit/Home
3.90m x 2.00m x 3.0m high
4 Rooms or 2 Bedroom Unit/Home
3.85m x 2.45m x 3.0m high
4 – 5 Rooms or Small 3 Bedroom Home
3.70m x 3.00m x 3.0m high
5 – 6 Rooms or Average 3 – 4 Bedroom Home
3.85m x 3.45m x 3.0m high
7+ Rooms or Average 5 Bedroom Home
4.40m x 4.30m x 3.0m high

Actual unit dimensions may vary. Use as a guide only.

Furniture Storage

Keeping your furniture safe

When storing your furniture it is important to ensure the environment is secure, clean, protected against pests and insulated to reduce any risk of heat or moisture exposure.  With all those boxes ticked it’s a matter of determining the best unit size for your needs, and our experienced staff are on hand to help you with this. Whether you are looking to store just a few items or a full home of furniture we will have a unit to suit your needs. With roller door units available, you can feel confident we can store all types and sizes of furniture and vehicles.

Personal Storage

Small storage units are ideal for personal storage

If you are traveling for an extended period of time, opening your home up for inspection to sell or maybe as an Airbnb, then you may be looking to store your personal items somewhere safe outside your home.  Maybe you live in a high risk bushfire area and want to keep your memorabilia, photos and documents safe over the summer months.  Our internal small storage units are perfect for this and you will only be paying for the space you need, offering the cheap storage units in Adelaide Hills you’ve been searching for.


Pricing starts from $100 per calendar month which is the equivalent of just $23 per week.

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Our storage facilities are some of the largest and most secure in Adelaide. Whether you need long term or short term solutions for furniture, vehicle storage or something else, get in touch with our team. Tell us more about your requirements to request a quote and we’ll provide our customised solution when it comes to storage units in Adelaide Hills.