Roller Door Units

Large, Accessible Space

If you need a big space then look no further. Our roller door units are designed to be a great option for the storer who needs more room. Whether for personal or business storage, this solution from Adelaide Hills Storage provides more space and more flexibility.

These units are overlooked by 24/7 CCTV security cameras and access is easy as you can drive right up to the door.

We also offer 7-day access for your convenience, so you may come and go as required

Roller Door Unit Sizes

Multiple roller door storage units

Mount Barker Totness

Our Mount Barker Totness units, located just off the freeway between Mt Barker & Littlehampton, have 6 sizes to choose from:

6.4m x 3.0m

6.5m x 3.7m

7.2m x 3.1m

8.9m x 3.65m

10m x 3.5m

12m x 3.3m

White SUV in front of open roller door unit

Mount Barker South

Our Mount Barker South units, located at 19-27 Oborn Road, have 2 sizes to choose from:

7.5m x 3m x 3m high

10.5m x 3.5m x 3m high


No, for safety reasons there are no usable power outlets within our roller door units.  Our larger units that have motorised roller doors do however these are located at roof level and are powering the roller door only.  In most circumstances there is a power supply nearby and we have safety tagged extension cords available to loan if power is required for a short time.  

Roller door units can be rented in all kinds of sizes based on the needs of the customer. Common options include 6.5m x 3.7m, 7.2m x 3.1m, 7.5m x 3.5m, 10m x 3.5m and 12m x 3.3m. To get the right fit for you, think about what will be stored inside the unit, how high you will stack items and if you will need to add more items during the storage period.  Roller door unit pricing is dependent on the size unit you rent.

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Pricing starts from $340 per calendar month which is the equivalent of just $78.50 per week.

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