Packing Tapes & Packing Tape Dispensers

Not many people think about buying tape until they need it. Avoid letting that be you with packing tape and dispensers bought from Adelaide Hills Storage.

The better part of making anything go smoothly is in the preparation. To help you get yourself prepared for the next big move, we’ve brought together a range of products that’ll help you get it done.

Tape and tape dispensers are just one part of the puzzle. We also sell packing boxes and a whole range of packing materials designed to help you get organised and get you through a move with everything in tact.

Buy tape and tape dispensers from Adelaide Hills Storage

Adelaide Hills Storage has been helping residents of Adelaide Hills with their storage needs for over 20 years. We’ve built a reputation on giving our customers access to safe and reliable storage solutions.

Packing supplies are just one part of that, but they are an important one. If you’re looking for tape and tape dispensers, have a look at our catalogue below!


Packing Tape is specifically designed for the purpose of closing boxes.  It has excellent adhesion properties for cardboard surfaces, is strong and split resistant.

Packing tape is used to secure objects that are being stored or transported in boxes or other similar structures. It is important because it protects whatever is being carried by ensuring that it is securely held in its packaging at all times. In other words, packing tape prevents things from falling out and getting damaged.

Both our clear & brown 75m rolls of packing tape are currently priced at $4

Packing tape is the best option for securing packages for delivery and long term storage. It is very adhesive to surfaces such as cardboard and split resistant too. Duct tape on the other hand, is made to form a strong seal, and to move with whatever you are sealing. As a result, it is not as robust as packing tape.

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